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The Big Book of Small Tattoos - Vol.1: 400 small original tattoos for women and men

Author: Roberto Gemori

Publisher: TattooTribes

ISBN 10: 8894205681
ISBN 13: 978-8894205688

Whether you are approaching tattoos for the first time and want to start small, or you're a longtime fan and only have just that tiny little spot left, you will appreciate this book and its philosophy: small & meaningful.

This book collects over 400 small original designs to inspire your own:
  • flower tattoos
  • wanderlust tattoos
  • birds tattoos
  • dragons tattoos
  • unalome tattoos
  • zodiac signs tattoos
  • crown tattoos
  • geometric designs
  • anchors tattoos
  • seashells tattoos
  • knives tattoos
  • food tattoos
  • butterflies & dragonflies tattoos
  • minimalistic tattoos
  • meaningful words
(Does it sound like a lot of tattoos? That's because they are!)

Add a bit of color, and you'll have a design that is absolutely one of a kind and personal!
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