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The Binge Eating Disorder Self-Care Journal: A Wellness Workbook

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Author: Medical Essentials

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1094690104
ISBN 13: 978-1094690100

This creative self-care journal can make an excellent companion for those living in recovery from an eating disorder. A major hurdle in recovery is learning to assess, feel, and address emotions. This self-care journal helps those in recovery to document their moods, feelings, and self-care plan. To promote a positive mindset, it includes tools like positive affirmations and gratitude lists. Monthly calendars are provided so those in treatment can remember doctors appointments, support group meetings, therapy sessions, and outings with support people. Food is not a focus of this journal but a self-care food plan page is included to document meal plans given by a registered dietitian. Filling out this journal may be helpful during therapy for those who are currently under doctor care. This is a self-care product only and should not to be used in place of standard medical treatment.