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The Bipolar Black Girl

Author: Andrea Elizabeth Paul

Publisher: B.O.S.S. Publishing

ISBN 10: 0986355984
ISBN 13: 978-0986355981

#AdventuresWithDrea... Continued. There was nothing, then, there was everything. Feeling as though she’s losing control, Andrea is clueless on what to do next. Her mind has defeated her so badly that it lands her in the psychiatric ward. Through her mental illness, Andrea rides a roller coaster of emotions and experiences that make her question, “Am I really crazy?” Diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder and experiencing a mental breakdown, Andrea is lost in her own world where nothing seems real any longer. How could a perfectly sane girl be bipolar? Follow Andrea as she finds light within her mental illness tunnel. In the same vein as The Black Girl on Prozac, The Bipolar Black Girl aims to shed a light on mental illness in the black community by sharing the account of a regular black girl trying to understand life while living daily with bipolar 1 disorder.