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The Birth of Pleasure: A New Map of Love

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Author: Carol Gilligan

Publisher: Vintage
ISBN 10: 9780679759430
ISBN 13: 978-0679759430

Publisher: Knopf
ISBN 10: 9780679440376
ISBN 13: 978-0679440376

Carol Gilligan, whose classic In a Different Voice revolutionized the study of human psychology, now offers a brilliant, provocative book about love. Why is love so often associated with tragedy, she asks. Why are our experiences of pleasure so often shadowed by loss? And can we change these patterns?

Gilligan observes children at play and adult couples in therapy and discovers that the roots of a more hopeful view of love are all around us. She finds evidence in new psychological research and traces a path leading from the myth of Psyche and Cupid through Shakespeare’s plays and Freud’s case histories, to Anne Frank’s diaries and contemporary novels. Groundbreaking and immensely readable, The Birth of Pleasure has powerful implications for the way we live and love.