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The CBT Toolbox: How to Cope with your Social Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem and Negative Thoughts using CBT

Author: Jeremy Crown

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1795745231
ISBN 13: 978-1795745239

How many days and opportunities will pass you by (missed out and wasted) in the rest of your life because your sabotaging negative thoughts hold you back from being truly happy and fulfilled?

Do you feel that sometimes you are your own enemy because of how you think and ultimately react in situations?

Are you tired of always being tense, stressed, and having trouble concentrating on anything other than the present worry?

Do you want to gain control over your thoughts which sabotage you by affecting your moods and behavior?

Or are you just longing for a more peaceful relationship with yourself and your thoughts?

If you’re looking for a scientific solution to change your life without years (or even decades) of struggling and suffering…

Then keep reading.

Whether you’re dealing with shyness (which is a form of social anxiety), low self-esteem or depression, it’s important for you to know that you are not alone and there is help for you.

Most of the time, your struggles are caused not by the things that happen in your environment, but your thoughts which interpret them.

A good example is the two men sitting next to each other on the plane, one of them enjoying the flight, one of them fearing death. They're in the same situation, yet they think, feel, and therefore behave very differently.

Avoiding situations that tend to trigger our intrusive thoughts is not a solution. In fact, doing so will only serve to create more anxiety surrounding the situation, making it worse.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of psychotherapy, a proven and effective method that professionals use to help people modify their limiting and irrational thoughts and behaviors.

As a result of the CBT individuals develop skillset:

  • to be aware of their thoughts and emotions,
  • to identify how situations, thoughts, and behaviors influence their emotions,
  • and to improve their feelings by changing dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors.

In “The CBT Toolbox” you will discover:

  • How you can stop the everyday suffering that your intrusive and negative thoughts create in your life

  • What you must know, not just to reach a deeper understanding of yourself, but also to know how to beat anxiety and negativity for good

  • Why identifying your triggers is what everything stands or falls on

  • How to engage in situations or circumstances that make you afraid or uncomfortable

  • How to learn to express yourself without being afraid of what your audience will think or say

  • How to develop healthy esteem and accept yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses

  • Things you MUST know before you choose a therapist

  • How to us the tools included in the book to rewrite your thought patterns and make your mind support you (instead of sabotaging you)

  • How to recalibrate your mind to instead of suppressing the positive thoughts, enabling you to enjoy them

  • And much more

Most of the literature that has been written on CBT is written in a technical tone, making it difficult for most readers to comprehend.

This book has simplified the CBT approaches, providing you with a toolbox which you can implement yourself. Even on your own, you should be able to make significant progress in your healing.

Get your copy today and step towards the positive, anxiety-free and happy life.

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