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The Combat PTS(D) Resilience and Reintegration Workbook: Resiliency Formation Training Series for Combat-Related Post-Traumatic Stress (Disorder)

by Lt Col
Author: Lt Col

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1092158146
ISBN 13: 978-1092158145

Unlike the most widely used "evidence-based trauma treatments" that stem at their core from female sexual assault, The Combat PTS(D) Resilience and Reintegration Workbook focuses on needs specific to combat veterans who desperately need a resource coded in their own unique warrior language. Police, firefighters, trauma personnel, and other first responders have found this material helpful as well. Veterans and first responders are warriors who naturally run toward danger, not away from it. They have leadership abilities and capabilities that are groomed through formal training and are experts in their craft. This workbook is a culmination of research and practical observations based on the training and experience of being in a war zone. "Human beings are naturally resilient. A trauma survivor is not sick or broken beyond repair. Resiliency Formation Training (RFT) seeks to awaken and strengthen this resilience."