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The Crissing Link: Poetic License: a poetic journey through the labyrinth of multiplicity

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Author: Rev. Criss Ittermann

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1448612977
ISBN 13: 978-1448612970

People with multiple personalities, now Dissociative Identity "Disorder," can lead relatively normal lives. But it's rare to hear of successful people who choose to live with multiplicity, much less proud champions defending their right to live a plural life. The Crisses is a multiple system that has been a champion in the self-help movement for multiples since 1996. The Crisses encourage multiples to intelligently and informatively choose whether or not to integrate, and accept and embrace who you are as simply different and unique rather than troubled. Poetic License is the introductory book in The Crissing Link series. Rev. Criss Ittermann, aka The Crisses, leads us on a poetic journey through their head. Meet some of the women, men, children and non-humans who this woman's body home, share their life together for better or worse, and struggle with the language, ethics, gender-bending, and closets of a world full of humans so strangely and simply "single."

"A wholly unique combination of genres and voices." -- Kirkus Discoveries review