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The Depression and Bipolar Workbook: 30 Ways to Lift Your Mood & Strengthen the Brain

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Author: Chris Aiken

Publisher: PESI Publishing & Media

ISBN 10: 1683732359
ISBN 13: 978-1683732358

30 techniques to change the body and the brain in ways that medications can’t!

The innovative and drug-free practices in this workbook guide you step-by-step to stabilize mood, improve sleep, find focus, and manage repetitive worries and rumination.

Written for therapists and clients alike, learn how to recognize unique symptoms of depression and bipolar and match them with the latest advances in CBT, light and dark therapy, diet and sleep techniques, and strategies to fix out-of-sync biological clocks. This is the mood-disorder aid clients have been waiting for.

Treat depression and bipolar disorder with an antidepressant lifestyle:
Strategies to feel energized, lift mood and stay focused
A sleep plan that doubles the effects of antidepressants
Mood stabilizing interventions for morning, day and night
Advanced treatment planning for insomnia
Reproducible handouts, worksheets and charts