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The Depression Workbook With Yoga Secrets: Use the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga for Relief from Depression, Anxiety, and Stress.

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Author: Ken Heptig

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1548829935
ISBN 13: 978-1548829933

From the Author of Yoga Secrets 52, Ken Heptig, comes The Depression Workbook with Yoga Secrets.Depression has been around since the beginning of time. Ancient humans were fraught with worry over finding their next meal or becoming one for a larger, more powerful species. Today, most of us face more minor issues. Yet depression can lead to terrible thoughts that leave us thinking that even the most minor problems are threats to our survival. The good news is that you really can use the ancient wisdom of yoga to find relief from depression, anxiety, and stress.In these pages, you will find simple, clear advice, without recommendations for medications and a long list of their side effects. We do not use medical jargon that is impossible to understand and requires a dictionary. The Depression Workbook will help you live the life you want. You can learn to live a calmer, more peaceful, happier life you deserve. Use this workbook on your own or as a supplement to therapy and start enjoying more depression-free days as a healthier person inside and out.