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The Emotional Hostage: Rescuing Your Emotional Life

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Author: Leslie Cameron-Bandler

Publisher: Real People Press

ISBN 10: 0932573037
ISBN 13: 978-0932573032

Often we feel trapped and at the mercy of emotions that we don't want. This book teaches how to gain control over our emotional lives by discovering the many factors that together arouse our feelings. For instance, realizing that our emotions are the results of our memories of the past and our anticipation of the future as well as our perceptions in the moment, allows us to shift time frames in order to feel differently. Slowing the intensity and tempo of an unpleasant experience can change rage to dissatisfaction, and increasing the intensity and tempo of a pleasant one can change satisfaction into excitement. These are just a few of the elements of our experiencing that we can learn to modify to solve the problems caused by emotions and have a more satisfying life.