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The Essential Dream Journal: 140 Pages to Record, Track, and Reflect On Your Dreams: A Daily Dream Journaling Workbook for Women, Teens, and Girls

Author: Banana River Press

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 13: 979-8606810659

Journaling your dreams has many benefits; through this daily practice, you'll better understand your emotions and thoughts, relate the content of your dreams to events in your waking life, reveal patterns, and potentially improve your memory.

The Essential Dream Journal provides ample space for you to begin (or continue) recording and tracking your dreams each night. Each two-page spread includes fields for the date, time to bed, time awake, sleep aids used, dream summary, recurring themes or symbols, as well as an indicator for whether the dream was lucid (where you were aware during the dream), or non-lucid. If you prefer to sketch your dream, or simply need more space, the facing page is blank.

At the front, you'll find a list of health habits for your dream journaling practice, as well as an annual grid that you can use to track patterns and symbols in your dreams over the course of the year. The format is easy to use; just create your own legend using symbols or color codes, and fill in the grid to reveal patterns and trends.

  • space to record 68 dreams
  • 140 lined and unlined pages
  • Beautifully designed cover with hanging stars against the night sky
  • 6x9 softcover with a matte finish