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The Everything Parent's Guide to Emotional Intelligence in Children: How To Raise Children Who Are Caring, Resilient, And Emotionally Strong

Author: Korrel Kanoy

Publisher: Adams Media

ISBN 10: 1440551936
ISBN 13: 978-1440551932

Put your child on the path to success!

A child's emotional intelligence has been shown to be one of the strongest factors in whether or not that child will be successful later in life. A child with high emotional intelligence (Eq) has good self-control, resilience, and empathy--all factors that help build a foundation for a more grounded, satisfying, and successful life. With The Everything Parent's Guide to Emotional Intelligence in Children, you will learn how to help your child:
  • Improve academic achievement and behavior.
  • Achieve mindfulness.
  • Understand emotions.
  • Empathize with others.
  • Improve self-confidence.
  • Build inner resilience.
This hands-on guide shows you exactly how to promote core Eq skills in your child and provides you with all you need to help your children achieve their greatest potential.