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The Green Dragon

Author: Jamie Kershaw

Publisher: Chipmunkapublishing

ISBN 10: 1849915253
ISBN 13: 978-1849915250


The Green Dragon is an autobiography of the first 32 years of Jamie's life. The book details his life story from birth, through schooling, various successes and failures from his ambitions, struggles with schizophrenia, to his present day family life. The ride has never been too easy, but with good grace The Green Dragon covers experiences for better or for worse and provides the reader with plenty of moving events which affected not just his own life, but the lives of those around him as well. Please enjoy reading this story and hopefully you will derive both satisfaction and inspiration from The Green Dragon!

The Green Dragon came about as the title as a result of one of his fiancée's sons. The 4 year old Brandon came into our room late one night as I was tidying up my desk. He said something about a 'friendly green dragon' so I asked him if he meant the model of a dragon on the desk corner. 'No', he said, 'the friendly green dragon down there in that folder'. He was pointing at the folder containing the papers for my first book, 'Plan 103f'. The name remained with me from then on, and in his honour am using it for my second book, an autobiography. Also, I was inspired by the TV programme 'Dragon's Den', starring Theo Paphitis, Duncan Ballantyne, James Caan, Deborah Meadin, and Peter Jones.