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The Hate That Cures: The Psychological Reversibility of Schizophrenia

Author: Evelyn Liegner

Publisher: YBK Publishers, Inc.

ISBN 10: 1936411067
ISBN 13: 978-1936411061

The Hate that Cures by Evelyn Liegner, the second book in the series, "The Development of Modern Psychoanalysis," gives a moment-by-moment account of the reversal of psychosis using Modern Psychoanalytic techniques. Detailed notes from sessions are used to illuminate how the patient is healed by the emotional communication of hatred within the transference and countertransference. Liegner shows how Modern Psychoanalytic interventions facilitate the ability of the ego to handle a broad range of feelings and impulses.

The techniques and theory of Modern Psychoanalysis was first introduced to the wider professional community by Hyman Spotnitz in 1961-62 in a series of postgraduate lectures given by Dr. Spotnitz at the Stuyvesant Polyclinic in New York City. Modern Psychoanalysis takes its point of departure from the problems left unresolved by Freud and his original associates.