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The Just Got Out of Rehab Journal: A Kleptomania - Compulsive Stealing Recovery Prompt Writing Notebook and Journal

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Author: Jesse Tina

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1659912644
ISBN 13: 978-1659912647

Struggling with compulsive behaviors? Struggling with drinking, smoking, gambling shopping, overeating and other addictions? This is a Personal Recovery Notebook is designed as a strategy for you to work your recovery through processing your emotions, journaling, writing short stories about life. You may use this as your recovery journal and diary where you can write out and or draw life as you experience it.

If you are in rehab, you can use this place to journal your personal recovery as you experience the program. If you have completed rehab or you attend any support groups, you may take advantage and journal your recovery and experiences through journaling, drawing and thought processing.

Here is a strategic recovery notebook for those either addicted to, or recovering from addiction, whether it is alcohol, or drugs, prescription medication, sex, gambling, porn or the internet. This is a workbook and personal guide to finding freedom from our addictions.

This is a recovery prompt writing notebook for men, women and teens in recovery from substance misuse and addiction to addictive behaviors.

This is a practical help workbook for all kinds of addictions that will help addicts make significant steps into recovery and sobriety. A help for managing your addiction and breaking destructive habits.