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The Liberated Self: A People Pleaser's Guide to Better Relationships

Author: Paula H Cookson LCSW

Publisher: Unbelievable Freedom LLC

ISBN 10: 1734291184
ISBN 13: 978-1734291186

Enjoy the Liberation, Enjoy Your Life! This Unbelievable Freedom Habit Guide offers the unique perspective of an author who is a therapist as well as a reforming people pleaser herself. In The Liberated Self, Paula Cookson shares her own experiences and explains how people-pleasing develops as a strategy, how to recognize it when it occurs, and how to change behavior to be liberated from the pattern. In keeping with the spirit of the entire Unbelievable Freedom series, this book takes a serious and important subject and presents it with a light, accessible touch. It provides the reader a series of challenges as journal prompts, ideas that can be channeled into actionable habits in real life. The result of utilizing this Habit Guide will be more satisfying relationships and a greater senes of personal freedom.