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The Little Girl

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Author: Thatcher C Nalley

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 149618498X
ISBN 13: 978-1496184986

Molly, a disturbed little girl with a horrific past, believes she is a princess in The Land of Pretty who can speak with dolls. Lindy Wellbrook is a young therapist whose goal is getting clients through recovery in record time. Her approach is straightforward and she doesn’t tolerate self-pity. Just as they get closer to recovery Molly's cruel alternate personality surfaces, a boy named Pen, who becomes hell-bent on sabotaging any progress. This only challenges Lindy to push the therapy even harder. However, life for Lindy takes a drastic turn when the little girl commits suicide and the hard nose therapist is left to uncover what went wrong. Lindy begins to listen to recordings of their past sessions, replaying the conversations, analyzing details to the point of obsession in finding the answer. Slowly, as Lindy nears the truth, her own life unravels and she realizes--that all things Molly were not as they seemed.