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The Longevity Code: Slow Down the Aging Process and Live Well for Longer―Secrets from the Leading Edge of Science

Author: Kris Verburgh MD

Publisher: The Experiment

ISBN 10: 1615194975
ISBN 13: 978-1615194971

ISBN 10: 1615194134
ISBN 13: 978-1615194131

Slow down the aging process and live well for longer

Do you know exactly how and why you age? And what you can do—whatever your current age—to slow that process and have a longer, healthier life?

In The Longevity Code, medical doctor Kris Verburgh illuminates the biological mechanisms that make our bodies susceptible to heart attacks, dementia, diabetes, and other aging-related diseases. With the facts laid out, he provides the tools we need to slow down the aging process. His scientifically backed Longevity Staircase outlines a simple yet innovative step-by-step method offering better health and a longer life span– especially the crucial role of proper nutrition and exercise.

But diet and exercise might not be the only way to crack the “longevity code”: With each passing day, advances in biotechnology that were once the stuff of science fiction are emerging. Dr. Verburgh discusses how new types of vaccines, mitochondrial DNA, CRISPR proteins, and stem cells may help us slow and even reverse aging—now and in the future—and when paired with the right lifestyle, lead to longer, healthier lives than we’ve ever imagined.