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The Magic Rainbow Hug: A Fun Interactive Storyteller - Child Activity

Author: Janet A. Courtney PhD

Publisher: Developmental Play & Attachment Therapies, LLC

ISBN 10: 0615737048
ISBN 13: 978-0615737041

The Magic Rainbow Hug is a heartfelt story designed to help children overcome fear and anxiety and learn methods of calming and relaxation. The story is about Sophie and Jesse, two young, curious siblings who, along with their lovable puppy, discover the joyful magic of a calming Rainbow Hug. This book provides an optional activity element where parts of the uplifting story can also be told by drawing it on a child’s back. Each page gives simple instructions on how to do the activity motions that follow along with the storyline. It is an innovative form of storytelling that will inspire, entertain and enlighten children of all ages. Positive suggestions are interspersed throughout the book to help children learn methods of relaxation and how to draw upon their inner strengths and abilities. The vibrant illustrations were drawn by two talented siblings, Grace, age 8, and Benjamin, age 10, who were inspired by hearing the creative story, and also by feeling it sketched on thier backs.