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The Only Way Out is Through

Author: Dr. Gail Gross

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN 10: 1538132974
ISBN 13: 978-1538132975

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN 10: 1538106957
ISBN 13: 978-1538106952

Books on grief often fall into two categories: memoir or science. In The Only Way Out is Through, Dr. Gail Gross combines the two in an inspiring story of loss alongside the analytical psychology that helped her find her own re-entry into life.
The Only Way Out is Through tells the story of a mother’s sudden loss of a child and the impact on the family as a whole. It offers a comprehensive approach to healing for the bereaved and helps them reenter life on new terms. The Only Way Out is Through is not only a book about grieving, but a guide to successfully navigating transitions—the endings and beginnings of life. Dr. Gail helps readers learn to listen to their own inner voices, the deepest part of the unconscious, so that reorienting and reshaping the future seems possible. Offering strategies for dealing not just with profound grief, but with living beyond a devastating loss, she provides a map for those looking for guidance, comfort, care, and hope.