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The Optimal Dose: Restore Your Health With the Power of Vitamin D3

Author: Judson Somerville MD

Publisher: Big Bend Press

ISBN 10: 1732655006
ISBN 13: 978-1732655003

ISBN 10: 1732655022
ISBN 13: 978-1732655027

Are you, a loved one or a friend still suffering from a health issue after your  have exhausted traditional healthcare options? Do you constantly feel fatigued or feel something is wrong, but can’t figure out why? Do you wake up multiple times at night, have sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome? Are you overweight and always hungry, and wonder why?
You might be surprised to learn that all these problems may be the result of a deficiency of one substance that has been misunderstood since its discovery in 1939. That substance is vitamin D3.

While it is called a vitamin, D3 is really a hormone. Its first medical used was to treat a childhood bone disease called rickets. And, since then nearly all the research on the benefits of vitamin D3 has been done at doses that are 50 times lower than the optimal doses described in this book.

That is why the research hasn’t demonstrated how amazing vitamin D3 is in improving your health. It is like giving people only an once of water a day and they saying see you don’t need to drink water. Silly example but so is doing research on vitamin D3 at doses that are sure to fail then concluding it isn’t important. This ground-breaking book is your opportunity to regain your health quickly, safely and easily. 

In The Optimal Dose, he reveals how vitamin D3 saved his own life when all else failed and explains how this essential substance is key to assuring you have the best health possible. How thousands of patients he recommend it to saw frankly amazing improvements in their quality of sleep, lost weight and rarely if not never had the flu again.

This was beginning in 2010. See he found that vitamin D3 at optimal doses altered people appetite, sped up their metabolism and blocked excess fat absorption. Essentially the ideal diet pill. One lady lost 200 pounds over two years and multiple men lost 70+ pounds in sound 3 months!

Yes those are the post child cases but he explains how and why, in a concise easy to understand way, he believes this happens. He goes on to explain how Vitamin D3 at optimal doses controls the part of your brain that controls your muscles during sleep. Those muscles that are responsible for restless leg syndrome, snoring and sleep apnea.

The flu and other upper respiratory tract infections occur much more often in the winter and he too explains how he and those patients who took optimal doses of vitamin D3 rarely if ever were sick from these again. Here in this book many of your to your own health challenges will be answered. What do you have to lose?

Unless your resigned to waking up multiple times at night ( no it isn’t because you have to urinate), being fat and living in fear of the flu. You don’t have time to waste. If you read only one book on this subject this is the one to read. To the point, full of great information and easy to understand.