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The Parasitic Origin Of Human Intelligence, Religion, Schizophrenia

Author: Junius J. Thomas

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1438229909
ISBN 13: 978-1438229904

Based on physical evidence the origin of Man's unique intelligence (advanced logic/language) is investigated. From diverse fields: biology, physics, information theory, software applications systems requirements analysis, etc., and within the constraints of known facts, the logical sequence of events leading to Man's intelligence is extracted; --- a bizarre plot and cast of characters which all readers can enjoy. Recent findings in microbiology were particularly significant: (1) by lateral DNA transfer most of the mammal's genome came from parasites; (2) the genomic differences mouse to monkey to chimp to Man; --- combine to show when and how Man acquired his genomic intelligence machinery. Also shown: why Man is the only ape who learned to utilize that machinery, --- a genomic 'gift' from a parasite who evolved in the blind, hectic communications-pressured world of the mammal's internal cell-community/CNS.