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The Pastoral Counseling Treatment Planner

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Author: James R. Kok

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN 10: 9780471254164
ISBN 13: 978-0471254164

For pastoral counselors and clergy people seeking to learn abouteffective therapeutic techniques, The Pastoral CounselingTreatment Planner is a lifesaver. And for secular therapistsintegrating elements of their client's spiritual beliefs systeminto the treatment process, this book can guide the way.

Patterned after the bestselling The Complete PsychotherapyTreatment Planner, this resource draws on a variety of Westernreligious belief systems, and offers step-by-step guidelines oncounseling clients and parishioners through a variety of lifedilemmas. This sourcebook is organized around 31 of the most commonproblems people seek counseling for, including life challenges,such as marital conflict, grief, and chronic illness, as well aschallenges of faith. For each problem, behavioral definitions andpotential counseling goals are provided, along with dozens ofsuggested interventions--many of which draw upon the client'sfaith as a source ofhealing. This unique counseling aid alsofeatures:
* More than 1,000 well-crafted treatment planning components formany of life's thorniest problems
* A sample counseling plan that can be emulated by bothexperienced counselors and novices
* Pages afford plenty of space to record customized counselinggoals, objectives, and interventions