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THE PATH: Mastering the Nine Pillars of Resilience and Success

Author: Stephen Sideroff Ph.D.


ISBN 10: 099622260X
ISBN 13: 978-0996222600

Dr. Sideroff applies over 40 years of research, training and clinical experience to address your most important yet baffling quality: resilience. Based on his innovative model, The Path guides you, step-by-step in learning an optimal way of living each moment. His approach considers all the factors that contribute to your ability to navigate and master the challenges and stresses of today and live with the greatest level of health and success. The Path goes beyond simply presenting important information. It helps the reader overcome resistance to change and supports the development of healthy new behaviors. Based on the newest research findings, including his own groundbreaking research and theories, each chapter builds a process of breaking away from lifelong patterns to establish greater resilience. The Path will help you: - Overcome old, ineffective ways of thinking and improve how you engage with the world - Deal with painful emotions and unfinished business - Be more present in your life - Feel greater joy, happiness and success - Improve along Dr. Sideroff ’s nine dimensions of resilience and success