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The Peninsula Serial Killer: The True Story of Jon Scott Dunkle (Detectives True Crime Cases Book)

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Author: C. L. Swinney

Publisher: RJ Parker Publishing

ISBN 10: 1987902351
ISBN 13: 978-1987902358

The Peninsula. A region in California that separates many towns and cities south of San Francisco from the Pacific Ocean. While some parts of the Peninsula are densely populated, others are home to very tightknit communities. Belmont is one of the smaller ones. So, when serial killer Jon Scott Dunkle emerged in the early 1980s and started preying on teenage boys, the town was in the grips of terror. Depending on who you talked to, Jon Scott Dunkle was either sane or insane, an overgrown kid or an evil genius. One moment, Dunkle would outsmart law enforcement by participating in searches for missing boys he murdered without giving away a hint that he was the killer. In the next moment, he was injecting bacon grease into his penis. Psychologists would eventually diagnose him as a Paranoid Schizophrenic. When the dust settled, Jon Scott Dunkle would be charged with three murders, and two attempted murders, leaving a grieving town confused and angry.