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The Psychology of Eating Disorders

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Author: Christine L.B. Selby

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN 10: 0826155014
ISBN 13: 978-0826155016

Offers a clear, concise, up-to-date introduction to eating disorders for students in the health professions

This is a concise, accessible introduction to eating disorders for undergraduate and graduate students in psychology, as well as those specializing in health education and nutrition. Easy to read and grounded in DSM-5 definitions and the most up-to-date research, the text is designed for students in the health professions as well as health professionals seeking a basic understanding of the challenges associated with their diagnoses and treatment.

Written by a licensed psychologist and certified eating disorders specialist, the book describes what eating disorders are and are not, who is likely to develop them, and signs and symptoms of specific disorders. It discusses biological, medical, psychological, interpersonal, and socio-cultural risk factors, and helps the reader to identify those who are at risk for experiencing an eating disorder and how to refer them for evaluation. Scenarios reflect the wide spectrum of people who suffer from eating disorders including young and old, male and female, and athlete and non-athlete. Uniquely, the book also covers the range of reactions someone—including treatment providers—can have to an individual diagnosed with an eating disorder. The text also delivers strategies for treatment and prevention, with overviews of their effectiveness. Print version of the book includes free, searchable, digital access to its entire contents.

Key Features:

  • Provides an easy-to-read introduction to the full range of eating disorders
  • Discusses risk factors and warning signs of eating disorders
  • Discusses evidence-based treatment approaches and prevention
  • Considers long-term effects of eating disorders
  • Includes illustrative narratives of diverse individuals with EDs
  • Authored by a certified eating disorders specialist