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The Reflective Practitioner: How Professionals Think In Action

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Author: Donald A. Schon

Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN 10: 0465068782
ISBN 13: 978-0465068784

Publisher: Routledge
ISBN 10: 1138458287
ISBN 13: 978-1138458284

A leading M.I.T. social scientist and consultant examines five professions—engineering, architecture, management, psychotherapy, and town planning—to show how professionals really go about solving problems.The best professionals, Donald Schön maintains, know more than they can put into words. To meet the challenges of their work, they rely less on formulas learned in graduate school than on the kind of improvisation learned in practice. This unarticulated, largely unexamined process is the subject of Schön's provocatively original book, an effort to show precisely how ”reflection-in-action” works and how this vital creativity might be fostered in future professionals.