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The Social Anxiety Disorder Solution and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy : 2 Books in 1: Retrain your brain to overcome shyness, depression, anxiety, prevent panic attacks and find self confidence

Author: Michael Cooper

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 13: 979-8609365064

If you're ready to retrain your brain to overcome the barriers that stand between you and happiness, then you should read this book!

Do you absolutely despise social events because of the inevitable small talk you know you would have to endure, coming up with just about any excuse under the moon as to why you can't go so you can stay home--alone?

Are you prone to panic attacks in times of stress, whether it be emotional, mental, or physical, and wish to be free of this burden that just won't seem to go away on its own?

Are you tired of feeling like you live under a rock, hermiting away from society, wanting so desperately to feel normal and to be a part of life events without fear or anxiety shadowing every move?

Don’t worry, you’re not weird for feeling uncomfortable at social gatherings or in places where there are many people, nor are you alone.

Anyone can experience anxiety--children, teens, women, and men alike--making these types of disorders the most common mental illness. The issue, however, lies in the fact that many take medication as their form of treatment.

Now's the time to rip off the Zoloft bandaid and apply a new strategy--one that involves changing your mindset through thoughts, not substances.

This incredible box set includes:

The Social Anxiety Disorder Solution, you will discover:

  • The major telltale signs distinguishing shyness and insecurity from an actual anxiety disorder, as well as how to push past these obstacles.

  • Parenting no-no's that will increase your child's risk of developing social anxiety.

  • The #1 tool you need to start utilizing today in order to evaluate the severity of your social anxiety.

  • How to tackle and overcome shyness in children and teens, paving the way for a much happier, livelier son or daughter.

  • A mind-stimulating technique to approach panic attacks to identify your triggers, take control over your emotions and prevent future meltdowns.

  • The secret to boosting your overall self-image and feeling of self-worth.

  • The powerful effect of this particular social anxiety disorder treatment.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Retrain Your Brain to Overcome Depression, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks within CBT, you will discover:

  • The secrets behind CBT.

  • How to identify and challenge your problems, even if you don't know what they are just yet.

  • How to dig deep, identify, understand, and challenge your beliefs.

  • 10+ helpful CBT techniques to allow you to rediscover yourself and continue in life in a positive way.

  • How to create and maintain your own personalized plan for CBT.

    The methods provided won't act as quick fixes, but they will prove to be much more effective in the long run than any drug ever will. Say good-bye to that hazy, confused feeling--you will finally be able to feel like you can function as an actual human being again.

    If you want to discover how you can rid yourself of anxiety once and for all and finally live the cheerful, positive life you deserve, then scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button right now.