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The Soul of Psychosynthesis: The Seven Core Concepts

Author: Kenneth Sørensen

Publisher: Kentaur Publishing

ISBN 10: 8792252176
ISBN 13: 978-8792252173



"Assagioli's psychosynthesis spreads far and wide. It is ambitious in scope and subject matter. For this reason it may be hard at times to understand its essence - with the risk of being lost in the details. Kenneth Sørensen does a great job of summarizing in a short and well-researched book the essential aspects of psychosynthesis, offering an overview that will allow the reader to grasp its main themes in theory and practice, as well as its historical development."

Piero Ferrucci, is an international bestselling author, a psychotherapist and philosopher

"We all agree that our world is entering a new epoch: together with the disruption of previuos life forms, not suitable any more to grant human beings a joyful and creative life, we can recognize glimpses of new and more suitable models. Kenneth introduces in this book the seven Pillars of Psychosynthesis, which allow it to be an outpost among the instruments for a radical reconstruction of life on the Planet.
The way he does it, deep and clear at the same time, is a contribution not only to a psychological vision, but to the reconstruction of life on our Planet. Thank you Kenneth!"

Marina Bernardi
( President of the Community of Living Ethics, Italy, and co-founder of Science of Group Work initiative)

"Psychosynthesis is like a tree that keeps growing and producing new leaves and fruits with each passing year. The health of any tree depends on the quality and depth of its roots and Kenneth Sorensen provides us with an excellent source of nourishment to stimulate and revitalize the roots of Psychosynthesis formed by Assagioli's seven core concepts. I appreciate the clear and compelling presentation of the soul of Psychosynthesis and this book reassures and confirms that the spirit of the new psychology is truly alive and well."

Michael Lindfield
(Co-founder, Science of Group Work Initiative and President, Meditation Mount, Ojai California)

"Kenneth Sørensen is a Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist, Spiritual Teacher and Author and the ideal person to write precisely this book, The Soul of Psychosynthesis. Here he brings us the essence of a spiritual, therapeutic and practical approach to life. He has written a rare and extremely competent book that offers a wealth and depth of detail, as well as crystal clear insights about Assagioli's Transpersonal Psychology and synthetic therapy. Simply put, it's about the essential qualities of freedom, presence, power, focus, flow, abundance and love. Yet at the same time we are introduced to a diverse craft, an art of living and transformative path of development for the individual. I highly recommend this jewel of a book to anyone who feels attracted to deep personal growth, psychotherapy and spirituality, and who wants to know about Psychosynthesis!"

Søren Hauge, spiritual teacher and author