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The Storm of Sex Addiction: Rescue and Recovery

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Author: Connie A. Lofgreen

Publisher: Starpro

ISBN 10: 0985761806
ISBN 13: 978-0985761806

From one of the country's most insightful therapists comes an unprecedented examination of this burgeoning illness. In The Storm of Sex Addiction Connie Lofgreen skillfully educates, bringing clarity to concepts with helpful explanations and stories. She explains the dynamics and roots of the disorder and provides practical information and compassionate guidance to anyone affected.

She describes the components necessary for predictable recovery, and envisions a new era of valuing authentic intimate relationships over reckless sexual consumption and exploitation. Lofgreen makes a clarion call for awareness of sex addiction as a public health issue and presents strategic initiatives to respond.

The Storm of Sex Addiction is an informative and useful resource--a must-have for people who want to understand the illness, its treatment, and prevention. Lofgreen understands the challenge, answers the crucial questions, and offers constructive solutions.