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The Tibetan Art of Dream Analysis

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Author: Nida Chenagtsang

Publisher: Sorig Press Limited

ISBN 10: 1909738050
ISBN 13: 978-1909738058

Most of us tend to dismiss the importance of our dreams. Even if we sense a deeper meaning, we are generally unable to say what a dream symbolises or see its connection to the important aspects of our everyday life. The Tibetan Art of Dream Analysis reveals how for over a thousand years Tibetan dream masters have been able to see the deep link between the dream world and the waking one. Through them we understand why nightly dreams can give clear signs of health warnings, conflicts, or foretell events yet to happen such as death, a birth, or other harbingers of wealth and happiness. This book provides a useful list of dream symbols and their hidden meanings as well as case studies of easy to read analyses of dreams. Those interested in going beyond merely understanding what a dream might mean will find, within its pages, very detailed, step-by-step approaches as practised by dream yoga masters long ago. For the truly committed this book holds out the ultimate goal of spiritual enlightenment for someone prepared to undertake the rigorous journey of an adept dream yoga practitioner.