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THE TLC STORY - Mild Dementia: A Guide for Caregivers of Loved Ones in the Mild Stage of Alzheimer's and Related Dementia Diseases

Author: Tom Connolly


ISBN 10: 1734406402
ISBN 13: 978-1734406405

“The TLC Story – Mild Dementia. A Guide for Caregivers of Loved Ones in the Mild Stage of Alzheimer’s and Related Dementia Diseases.” by Tom Connolly"TLC" is a common language abbreviation for Tender Loving Care. It is also the monogram for Tom (the caregiver) and Laura (the loved one living with dementia) Connolly. Giving TLC is the minimum that a loved one living with dementia needs and deserves. This book will guide the new caregiver through the mild dementia journey. It provides an overview of dementia diseases, dispels common myths, tells what is dementia and what is not. It covers the plethora of early warning signs, advises how to complete a “do it yourself” diagnosis, instructs how to obtain a professional diagnosis, and how to communicate the diagnosis to the loved one, to family, and to friends. The book clearly explains the right to personal privacy and the right to exercise denial. Highly important advance planning is covered in detail as well as a multitude of tips and recommendations to achieve the goal of providing tender loving care to the loved one. An action plan to guide the caregiver as he or she goes forward is clearly stated. This book is a powerhouse of useful guidance and advice for caregivers who provide care for their loved one in the mild stage of Alzheimer's and other related dementia diseases.