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The Ultimate Manipulative People Guide: How to Have Healthy Relationships with Controlling People and Reclaim Control of Your Life

Author: Jessica Minty

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1502435322
ISBN 13: 978-1502435323

Find out the real deal with manipulation and be free for life!

NEW: Bonus Book On Codependency Added! 6 New Chapters! You’re about to discover... What manipulation is all about. Discover the steps on how to recognize a manipulator. Be free from being a victim, or from being a manipulator yourself. Reclaim control of your life and set the necessary boundaries when it comes to handling manipulators. Maintain a healthy relationship with them without letting yourself to fall into their trap, again. Manipulation has been in the world for ages. It is here, even now, and it’s bound to stay and control you unless you discover the many truths about it. Everybody either has manipulated other people or was manipulated by other people at some point in life. Manipulation is often harmless unless it becomes a part of you, or it completely becomes you.

Here What You'll Learn...

  • The Origin of the Behavior
  • One Side of the Coin – the Manipulator
  • The Other Side of the Coin – the One Being Manipulated
  • How to Reclaim Your Control
  • Maintain a Healthy Relationship with Them by Setting the Boundaries
  • The Real Deal on Manipulation
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