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The Way of Love: The Path of Inner Transformation

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Author: Ronda Chervin

Publisher: En Route Books & Media

ISBN 10: 1950108619
ISBN 13: 978-1950108619

A reprint of Dr. Ronda’s The Way of Love: The Battle for Inner Transformation, this new edition under a new subtitle puts back in front of the world the nature of human love alongside human passion as told from the perspective of a woman who has deeply experienced both.All of us hope that others think of us as loving persons. But do we really have nothing but love in our hearts: how about anger, anxiety, despair, annoyance, the blahs…? Learn from Dr. Ronda’s The Way of Love how to understand different types of love, how to overcome obstacles to love with the grace of God, and how to make loving moral decisions. Respond to the challenge of becoming more loving day by day as a spiritual marathon runner.