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Think & Grow Rich Workbook: The Consultant and Knowledge Workers Edition (Volume 1)

Author: Napoleon Hill


ISBN 10: 0985820993
ISBN 13: 978-0985820992

If you are a consultant or a knowledge worker that wants to know exactly what to do to become rich, you will benefit greatly from this Workbook as it will increase your chances of success dramatically. To become rich, you should start by really thinking about the real reasons why you want to be rich. Then continue by reading and understanding, the principles explained in the Consultant & Knowledge Workers Edition of Think & Grow Rich. That’s just the beginning of the process though, then you need to do the personal work required to apply the timeless wisdom to your life. This is exactly what this workbook will help you to achieve. It has been developed specifically for Consultants & Knowledge Workers to help them apply the success principles, techniques and mindset discovered by Napoleon Hill to their lives and careers. He discovered these principles during his 20 year project to research the success principles used by the richest people in the world at the time. The workbook takes you through each chapter in the book by initially providing a summary of the essence of each chapter as a brief refresher. Then it follows with a series of questions and exercises that will help you increase your understanding of the concepts and to also apply them correctly to your personal situation. You complete the book by learning the specially developed Rich Consultant Framework® and using it to develop your personalized Rich Consultant Action Plan®. This is your uniquely designed strategy that will capture the tasks and tactics you must deploy to ensure you use your knowledge, skills and experience to become as rich as you desire.