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Thriving on the Bipolar Roller Coaster: How To Suceed With Bipolar Disorder

Author: Phyllis Elliott

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN 10: 0595430082
ISBN 13: 978-0595430086

What does a person do when life suddenly changes-and not for the better? Phyllis Elliott didn't expect racing thoughts, lack of concentration, and sleep deprivation followed by extreme sluggishness. At forty-four, she planned to enter graduate school for social work when her life was upended by a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. With the everyday demands of life, family, and career, Elliott felt overwhelmed. One day she was a wife, mother, and student, and the next, a patient. Things that used to be effortless now took more energy than she could summon. In Thriving on the Bipolar Roller Coaster, Elliott courageously shares her journey from patient back to her former roles as she discusses: ·Medication and coping skills·Education and advocacy·Recovery and hope·Special tools for the families of children and teensThe knowledge that Elliott gained allowed her to achieve her goals and to live a full life once again. For patients, their loved ones, and the professionals treating them, Thriving on the Bipolar Roller Coaster is an essential guide to finding hope, managing symptoms, and thriving in the midst of bipolar challenges.