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Throwing Up Rainbows Recovery Guide: 18 Secrets to Freedom From Your Eating Disorder

Author: Z Zoccolante

Publisher: Dream Big Books

ISBN 10: 1732453632
ISBN 13: 978-1732453630

For 11 years, I lived with Lillie, my secret eating disorder.She crept like a shadow, invading every corner of my life, stealing my joy and whispering sweet you’ll-be-nothings.Now, I’m free and happy and I want to share my secrets of freedom with you.*If you’re holding this book, there’s a part of you that wants your life back. That part of you stretches to believe in the possibility of recoveryand a life of freedom and happiness.Throwing Up Rainbows: My Eating Disorder and Other Colorful Things, tells the story of the secrets I used to hide.This companion recovery guide holds the 18 most important lessons that helped me say goodbye to the eating disorder for good.