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Trainee Guide - The Supervisor Training Curriculum for Developmental Disability Organizations Evidence-Based Ways to Promote Work Quality and Enjoyment Among Support Staff

Author: Dennis H. Reid

Publisher: American Association On Intellectual And Developmental Disability

ISBN 10: 1935304097
ISBN 13: 978-1935304098

The Supervisor Training Curriculum trains current and prospective supervisors in evidence-based strategies of supervising and motivating staff working with people with intellectual disabilities. Based on three decades of applied research, each management strategy presented herein has been tested and known to work in human service settings. The Curriculum follows a performance and competency-based format, requiring trainees to demonstrate knowledge acquired through role plays and other classroom activities as well as on-the-job demonstration of skills.

Since 1876, the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) has been providing worldwide leadership in the field of disabilities. AAIDD is the oldest and largest interdisciplinary organization of professionals and citizens concerned about intellectual and developmental disabilities.

AAIDD publishes books for professionals in developmental disability in the areas of:

-Supported living
-Definition of intellectual disability
-Disability funding
-Positive behavior support
-Palliative care
-Quality of life