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Transactional Analysis (Advancing Theory in Therapy)

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Author: Helena Hargaden

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN 10: 1583911200
ISBN 13: 978-1583911204

Transactional analysis is growing in popularity as an approach to psychotherapy, and this book provides an in-depth, comprehensive model of theory and practice.
Transactional Analysis: A Relational Perspective presents a relational model of psychotherapy which reflects the theoretical and methodological changes that have been evolving over recent years. In this book, Helena Hargaden and Charlotte Sills tell the story of their model through case history, theory and diagram illustrating how the unconscious process comes to life in the consulting room. Their relational theory and applied methodology of transactional analysis makes it possible to chart realms of uncertainty and the unknown, (deconfusion of the Child ego state), with theoretical assistance.

Transactional Analysis: A Relational Perspective covers:
* the approach
* the dynamics of the relationship
* therapeutic transactions
* wider implications.
It looks at the whole therapeutic relationship, from the establishment of the working alliance, to the terminating of therapy and beyond. It will be of great interest to postgraduates and professionals in the field of psychotherapy.