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Transformed by Postpartum Depression: Women's Stories of Trauma and Growth

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Author: Walker Karraa

Publisher: Praeclarus Press

ISBN 10: 1939807212
ISBN 13: 978-1939807212

Transformed by Postpartum Depression is a poignant tale of 20 women’s journeys through postpartum depression and the growth that they experienced as a result. These women described severe suffering as they had been taken completely by surprise by their depression. They also experienced failure of care providers to screen for or treat depression, and finally reached a place where they determined that they would do whatever it took to recover. These women not only survived their ordeal, but emerged stronger than they were before. Transformed by Postpartum Depression is a deeply rich, compelling journey. These women creatively engaged and transcended their “diagnosis,” truly transforming themselves, their relationships, and their lives finding self-empowerment within their personal creative journeys of healing.