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Translational Neuropsychopharmacology (Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences)

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Author: Trevor W. Robbins

Publisher: Springer

ISBN 10: 3319816306
ISBN 13: 978-3319816302

ISBN 10: 9783319339115
ISBN 13: 978-3319339115

This book covers wide areas of animal and human psychopharmacology with clinical utility in the treatment of psychiatric and neurological (e.g Alzheimer's disease) disorders. The main theme is to develop a new paradigm for drug discovery that questions the claim that animal models or assays fail adequately to predict Phase 3 clinical trials. A new paradigm is advocated that stresses the importance of intermediate staging points between these extremes that depend on suitable translation of findings from animal studies to Phase 1 or Phase 2 studies utilising experimental medicine.