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Trichotillomania Treatment: How to Stop Pulling Hair Out and Defeat Trichotillomania for Good - ( Hair Pulling Disorder )

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Author: Sharon L. Bonheur

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 198184225X
ISBN 13: 978-1981842254

If you want to learn how to defeat trichotillomania to stop pulling your hair out, then this book is for you! Trichotillomania literally means an uncontrolled urge to pull one’s own hair from any part of the body – head, eyebrows, eye lashes, etc. This psychological condition belongs to a broader class of mental ailments known as Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors. This broad class comprises ailments such as hair pulling, nail biting, skin picking, and cheek biting. Some people may find such conditions bizarre and may think that only very few abnormal minds suffer from it, but this is not so. Between 2%-5% of the total population suffer from one of these Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors. That’s actually quite a lot of people! The implications and complications of this condition can only truly be completely felt and understood by those who suffer from it, or those who watch their loved ones suffer. If you are prone to trichotillomania, you know the fear of being alone, the shame of feeling like you must be "crazy," and the guilt of hiding something from your loved ones. This short book will help you learn about Trichotillomania and how to recover from this distressing condition.