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True Wellness the Mind: How to Combine the Best of Western and Eastern Medicine for Optimal Health For Sleep Disorders, Anxiety, Depression

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Author: Catherine Kurosu MDL.Ac.

Publisher: YMAA Publication Center

ISBN 10: 1594396647
ISBN 13: 978-1594396649

Combine the best of Western and Eastern medical traditions to treat sleep disorders, anxiety, and depression.

True Wellness the Mind is a step-by-step guide to better mental health.

The authors recognize that the conventional way of managing sleep disorders, anxiety, and depression may not be sustainable for many who continue to struggle with these problems. In their own practices they have discovered a path to optimal mental health.

“We have seen among our own patients how chronic stress can wear away at their well-being, often first by stealing their sleep, then dampening their mood, and finally disrupting their health.”

With this book you will:

  • Discover the strengths and benefits of both Western and Eastern medicine

  • Combine Western and Eastern healing methods for sleep disorders, anxiety, and depression

  • Use questions, worksheets, checklists, and practical advice to prepare for and begin new, healthy behaviors

  • Learn to create a multidisciplinary care team for a strong alliance between your Western health-care providers and Eastern practitioners

True Wellness the Mind encourages individual responsibility and prepares you to take the first step on your healing journey. By combining ancient wisdom, cutting-edge scientific discoveries, and practical advice, this book will lead you through a transformation to true well-being in body, mind, and spirit.