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Twisting My Kaleidoscope

Author: Shannon Love

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN 10: 1478755504
ISBN 13: 978-1478755500

Shannon Love, a seemingly happy woman, through unforeseen circumstances, falls into a critical psychotic state, while living in Beijing, China. Enchanted by a voice in her head, she becomes suspicious of humanity--most of all Charles, her husband, believing he wishes her dead. Shannon's hallucination, along with relentless delusions, send her into a state of terror, landing her in a Chinese psychiatric hospital, as the only foreigner. Then, after sinking deeper into madness, she must be evacuated to the U.S. for intense treatment. Meanwhile, her husband, with his undying love, holds firm to his matrimonial vow "for better or for worse," and never gives up on his wife--even through the turmoil of a relapse. Shannon eventually returns to him as her sane self but concedes that she may have never broken free, if not for his eternal devotion.