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VAGUS NERVE EXERCISE: Daily Exercise to Stimulate Vagal Tone – Overcome Anxiety and Improve General Mood

Author: Antony Wilson

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 13: 979-8613130122

Would you like to know how the Vagus Nerve can influence anxiety and general mood?

If yes, then keep reading:

The vagus nerve is your inner nerve center’s commander-in-chief, regulating all of your major organs. This is the longest cranial nerve, which begins just behind the ears in the brain and connects with all the major organs of the body.

This is an important nerve to any organ with which it is in contact. It is what assists in managing brain anxiety and depression. The way we connect with each other is closely related to the vagus nerve as it is attached to the nerves that tune our ears to speech, coordinating eye contact and those that regulate expressions. This nerve also has the ability to affect the proper release of hormones in the body which keeps our mental and physical systems healthy.

The biggest and most important nerve in your body is your vagus nerve. This holds signals from and to the brain, stomach, heart and other essential muscles and organs. Common issues such as inflammation, stress or physical trauma can, however, interfere with the ability of the nerve to function. Luckily, there are plenty of fast and easy ways to activate and exercise the nerve, strengthen its function and return the body to good health. Packed with easy-to-follow workouts, this book will teach you how to activate the vagus nerve's ability to heal the body and return to a healthy state.

If you're able to surmount the health challenges, this book is for you. Chronic stress and inflammation complicate the functioning of your cells optimally. A helpful guide includes all the tools you need to learn and treat the vagus nervous system, the rest of the body, digest and rehabilitation. From its root cause, you will learn simple yet powerful techniques to address your diagnosis, including: Breathing Techniques Exercises for Mindfulness Tools to Improve Acupuncture and Massage Testing Your Digestion Functional Medicine and More.

In this book you will get:

  • What is the vagus nerve and why is it so important?
  • Where is the vagus nerve located?
  • The functions of the vagus nerve
  • Exercises for activating the vagus nerve
  • Vagus nerve yoga
  • Passive methods to activate the vagus nerve
  • Daily practices for activating the vagus nerve
  • Measuring vagus nerve function

The Vagus Nerve is the primary nerve that connects the brain to each organ of the body. It mediates your heartbeat, digestion system, elimination and basically all of your body's automatic functions. They also share an exploration of how health and longevity contribute to the state of your nervous system and your immune system.

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