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Vagus Nerve Exercises: A Practical Guide of Innovative Self-Healing Techniques. Learn to Reduce Stress Disorders Like Anxiety, Depression, Anger, ... and Panic Attacks (Self Help for Anxiety)

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Author: Stephen Carter

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 166030251X
ISBN 13: 978-1660302512

Anxiety, depression, anger, chronic illness, PTSD, headache, inflammation and panic attacks.

... Do these words sound familiar? 

You might be looking for something more practical and concrete like daily exercises that help you to reduce stress disorders and annoying conditions of daily living. If yes, then keep reading...

Activate the healing potential of your vagus nerve

Did you know you could easily access the vagus nerve every day to improve your memories, decrease your anxiety and prevent inflammation? 

This workbook is a step-by-step guide to understand what it is and how to take advantage of this amazing nerve, by applying some of the most utilized techniques and routines which will help you to wisely stimulate your vagus nerve and get some great benefits to improve the quality of your daily living.

Intimidating though this may sound. Don’t worry,
the language in this book will be broken down into simple, bite-size chunks that are easy to understand.

The philosophy of contemporary medicine tends to view our bodies and minds as machines, rather than as living organisms.
We think of ourselves as healthy until we start to show symptoms, and even then, we think of these symptoms as some kind of mistake on the part of our bodies. 

“When we experience trouble with our sleep quality, digestion, or any other bodily functions, we tend to think that something in our bodies is broken or malfunctioning, and therefore go to the doctor to get the broken part fixed.”
(Albert Vettorel)

It is incredibly frustrating to feel that the only person who can make you feel good is your doctor or therapist. This book is focused to help you to stop with this powerless mindset, and empower you with the necessary information to manage your own wellness. 

Doctors, therapists, and other wellness practitioners are skilled at what they do, and their stores of knowledge are certainly to be respected.

just as a teacher cannot learn for you, doctors cannot heal for you

The healing must be done on your own, using your doctor or therapist as guide to help you grow in the right direction.

This guide focuses on the care and maintenance of the vagus nerve because taking good care of this one organ means taking good care of almost any cell in your entire body!

In this book, you will learn more about:

  • The vagus nerve and decision-making
  • Practical and efficient self-help exercises to activate your vagus nerve
  • Meditation and vagus nerve: are they related?
  • The human nervous system: understand how it works!
  • Epilepsy,  Chronic inflammation, disease and chronic illness
  • Health and life benefits you can get doing the right stimulation
  • The vagus nerve stimulation therapy

... and more!

Daily exercises to repair and stimulate your vagus nerve

Professionals like Elizabeth Hollen have called “Vagus Nerve Exercises” of Stephen Carter a “complete guide, easy but complex”. 
Easy to read, but complex because full of real useful information and exercises that will help you to improve your healthcare.
If you really want to help yourself you have to read, learn, and then TAKE ACTION following all the instruction you will get from this guide.

But keep in mind: without the action, everything in this book will be useless!

Learn how to activate your vagus nerve, 
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