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Warnings Unheeded: Twin Tragedies at Fairchild Air Force Base

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Author: Andy Brown

Publisher: WU Press
ISBN 10: 0997863404
ISBN 13: 978-0997863406

Publisher: Wu Press
ISBN 10: 0997863439
ISBN 13: 978-0997863437

"This nonfiction narrative is a page turner... you will not put it down until you finish it." —William Kelly, CMSgt, USAF, Office of Special Investigations (Ret.)

On 20 June 1994, a "dangerous" airman shot his mental-health doctors before going on a shooting spree at an Air Force hospital. Days later, a B-52 bomber plunged into the ground killing the crew and a pilot who was known for his reckless flying.

Warnings Unheeded is a suspenseful narrative from former Air Force criminal investigator Andy Brown. As a young military policeman, Brown responded to the hospital and ended the gunman's killing spree with a 70-yard shot from his Beretta M9 handgun. Now, after years of interviews and unprecedented access to records, letters, statements and journal entries, Brown tells the complete story behind the mass murder and the fatal plane crash. Using first-hand accounts, this narrative details the warnings signs that preceded the tragedies and reveals the leadership culture whose inaction endangered the community. This is an extraordinary story of ordinary men and women who became life-saving first responders, victims who fought to survive, and survivors who fought for answers, accountability and change. In a parallel storyline, Brown shows how he prepared for the deadly gunfight, describes his encounter with the gunman, and offers a candid insight into the hidden cost of becoming a "hero."

If you appreciate narrative nonfiction, biographies, or learning from history, read Warnings Unheeded now in paperback, hardcover, ebook and audio.

Mass murder and military aviation disaster that occurred suddenly... but not without warning.

*** Contains more than 70 images and photographs ***

What people are saying about Warnings Unheeded:

  • "A highly readable book ... from a unique source. Recommended for a wide audience." —Best-selling true-crime author, Ron Franscell

  • "In vivid and thoroughly researched detail, Andy Brown masterfully weaves two tragic stories ... this is an important and well-written read." —Gregory K. Moffatt, Ph.D., Author of Blind-Sided: Homicide Where it is Least Expected and A Violent Heart

  • "An absolute tour de force of non-fiction storytelling. This is easily one of the best non-fiction books I've ever read." —Amazon Review

  • "Best book I've read in some time. Without lurid details or overwrought prose, Andy Brown helps us understand what Fairchild AFB had to endure in those tragic days of June in 1994. With a clear and concise voice, he illustrates the events leading up to the twin tragedies with a thoroughness and professionalism I suspect he brings to every task he takes on. But this is no dry recounting of facts, and Brown's compassion for the victims is as clear as his prose. This book kept me up far later than I intended every night while reading it, and it will stay with me for the rest of my life. We are very fortunate that the man who stopped the shooter has written this book for us - doubly so that he has proven to be a talented writer. I highly recommend this book." —R. Jenson, Gray Dog Press