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What the Wind Showed to Me (Books for Dementia Patients) (Volume 1)

Author: Emma Rose Sparrow

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1500664685
ISBN 13: 978-1500664688

This is one of a series of books for dementia patients (or those with Alzheimer's), disguised as a "real" book. What the Wind Showed to Me offers self-esteem and self-confidence to former bookworms who now struggle with "normal" books. You'll know that you're buying a book that is perfect for a dementia or Alzheimer's patient, but the reader will only know that he/she is receiving a beautiful book that is eye-catching and easy to follow. Neither the title nor any text on or in the book states that the book is for dementia or any type of memory/cognitive problems. It is truly concealed so that the reader is not insulted.

If your loved one is overwhelmed by 'normal' books but spry enough to feel offended with books labeled as dementia books or by being a children's book, this is your answer.

This book is formatted with: A lovely "easy read" story without condescending childlike words. Perfect, slightly larger text (16x font). Short chapters. Short paragraphs. One extra space between each sentence to encourage the mind to take pause. One or two vivid color photos per each short chapter to give a visual clue to the subject matter without distracting the read.

What the Wind Showed to Me is the story of what one woman discovers while following the floating path of a beautiful feather caught in a breeze. It is a pleasant, comforting and interesting story. Offer not only a book to be cherished, but also the gift of self-pride.