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When I Couldn't Get over It, I Learned to Start Acting Differently: A Story About Managing SADness

Author: Bryan Smith

Publisher: Boys Town Press

ISBN 10: 1944882227
ISBN 13: 978-1944882228

For some children, sadness can become a bigger part of their lives than it should be.

It's easy for kids to feel sad when bad things happen in their lives. This is especially true when boys and girls are bullied or picked on, or feel left out.

Kyle is a fourth-grader who sometimes feels blue and out of sorts. He's not sure why, but he can never bounce back when he faces tough situations in school or at home. Some feelings of sadness are easy to get over, but others are really hard, and he can't shake it off and just move on.

With the help of a kind teacher, Kyle learns how to recognize and manage his sadness by reframing his thinking and learning how to Start Acting Differently.

If Kyle can think about his anxiety and feeling of depression differently, he can develop the skills he needs to build positive relationships and deal with his feelings of sadness.

Written for kids ages 6 to 8 (Grades K-6), this book shows kids that feeling sad sometimes, is a normal part of life, and by using a few simple strategies, they can overcome and manage that sadness. Included are tips and suggestions for parents, teachers, therapists and counselors to use to teach kids how to manage sadness.

Please note: This book is intended to help kids realize and manage common situations that lead to feelings of depression (fighting with a friend, facing an overwhelming challenge, being bullied, etc.).