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Where Are The Good Guys?: The Single Woman's Guide to Meeting Mr. Right Offline

Author: Judith Joshel

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1981548742
ISBN 13: 978-1981548743

"Where Are the Good Guys?" belongs in the hands of every single woman who longs to find her very own Mr. Right. If you are THAT woman and don't know where and how to meet quality single men offline, this book is for you.

"Where Are the Good Guys?" discusses effective strategies for meeting good men and recommends an EXTENSIVE collection of places, activities and ideas for meeting your Mr. Right in the real world.

Whether you're seeking a mate for a long term relationship, for marriage or for casual love and romance, this book will open your eyes to the possibilities of meeting single men in countless venues. It will change your dating and mate-seeking mindset and behavior.

If you want the deep happiness and personal transformation that is part of a loving lasting relationship with your right guy, you'll want to study and put into action the valuable recommendations included in this book.

This book is for women who... - Are frustrated and discouraged with online dating; - Don’t want to try online dating or use a dating app ever – who want to meet men only in the real world; and/or - Want some powerful strategies to meet men offline while continuing to meet them online and through dating apps.

Who is Judith Joshel?

Judith Joshel is an inspirational coach for women committed to finding, WOWING and keeping Mr. Right. She is the host of the Mr. Right Cafe, an online expert interview series designed to help women find and keep the love of their life.

Judith is a former divorce attorney and mediator who became weary of dealing with failed relationships. She wanted to help women recover from heartbreak and create loving and healthy relationships and she became a Certified Professional Life Coach.

Judith helps women sort through all those Mr. Wrongs and find, WOW and keep Mr. Right.

She married her Mr. Right after many years of “not right” relationships. Her heart’s desire is to help women who have been wounded in love finally find lasting love.

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Here's what people are saying about... Where Are the Good Guys?(From back cover of Printed book)

“This book is a MUST-READ for any woman who wants to find her Mr. Right! You discover how to boost your self confidence, find and, most importantly, connect to the ones you are truly interested in. Whether your soulmate is a professional guy, a man of service or someone in the arts, Judith tells you exactly where to go to meet him and how to make the sparks fly!” — Diana Kirschner, PhD, bestselling author of Find Your Soulmate Online in 6 Simple Steps

“A most valuable book single women will refer to over and over! Judith Joshel has compiled the most comprehensive collection of ways to meet Mr. Right without going online. For those of us who found our mates the old-school tried-and-true way, it's a breath of fresh air to observe the amount of research and creativity that went into this exhaustive list of places and activities to go to meet your man. A very quick, easy, breezy, and most enjoyable read, complete with mindset and safety tips and much more — a true keeper.” — Nijole Sparkis, Spiritual Counselor

“Where Are The Good Guys? is a wealth of information for every woman who is single! This book shows you that every day activities, such as, food shopping, is an opportunity to meet a great man organically. Ladies, you'll never pass up the prepared food section of a market again! Each chapter is filled with valuable and fun tips that will guide you into the arms of your Mr. Right. I am recommending this book to all of my single clients." — Tamara Green, LCSW, Author, Psychotherapist, Co-creator of the Loving Meditations app

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